IDEA 2  --  The Mechanical Universe, Newton, and All That

Biography of Newton
A neat short bio of the big N.  Also has lots of links.

All sorts of stuff about Isaac

Life of Newton
A neat, detailed biography of Newton.  If you want skip the math stuff and read about Newton the man near the end.

Nasa's Satellite Tracking
Uses Newton's laws to show the present location of lots of satellite in orbit - try it!

3D Version of the Above Link!

Neutron Star Page
Sounds and Info of Those Bizarre remains of Supernovas
(The Neutron Star we heard in class was PSR 0833-45)

Power Generation and Use in the U.S.
Goverment site that tells you everything you want to know about power (electrical, heating, and so on) in this country.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Government agency responsible for nuke power plants and lots of other stuff...