LINKS fOR IDEA 1:Astronomy - Are We The Center Of Everything?

Astronomy History

 The Universe of Aristotle and Ptolemy
Having trouble understanding epicycles and all that?  This may help!

The Galileo Project
A wonderful site about the man and his science!

Modern History Sourcebook: Crimes of Galileo

A short description of this proponent of a geocentric Universe.

The Plague!
Well, not really astronomy but a fascinating document on what life was like all those years ago...

Early Greek Astronomy
A very nice, short description of some ancient ideas about the Universe.

Modern Astronomy and Astrophysics

Space Telescope Science Institute:  Home of the Hubble Space Telescope!
Wonderful Images from a large telescope orbiting above us.  Many of these images are the finest in existence!  Also has short, reasonably simple explanations.

The Nine Planets
A Wonderful site - contains a vast amount of info and images of many, many
objects in the sky!

Views of the Solar System
Another great collection of info and images - well arranged.

Anglo-Australian Observatory
Another neat site - You can only see half of the Unuiverse from the northern hemisphere - here's the other half...

See where your tax dollars go! A lot about manned spaceflight.

Kent State Planetarium
See a show - it's fun, relaxing, educational, and free!