Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe

Course Supplement Web Site

Fall 1999

This is the Course Supplement Web Site the course, Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe, as taught by Tom Emmons, John Barrick and Michael A. Lee, Department of Physics. This is not the Home Page for the specifc course. For that, go to the Seven Ideas Home Page.

The Seven Ideas course is taken by any Kent State University student to satisfy the Liberal Education Basic Science requirement and in the process get an exciting and non-mathematical introduction to the most basic, important and fascinating laws of the Universe. If you wish to know more about the Course, its history and operation, go to the Seven Ideas Course Description.

This Supplement is not a Substitute for lectures, class atendance or the course textbook. It is meant to enlage, explain and maybe even produce a little excitement as a supplement to the specific course you are taking.

The Links

The links below will take you to the electronic copy of the outline of each of the segments of the course and the syllabus for the Fall 1999 offerings. The PDF version of each segment is provided and will produce higher quality hardcopy if a printed version is desired. Of course, then use loose the cute dancing animations. To use some of the multimedia links that are (or will) be provided through this site, you will need a few "plug-ins" for your browser. Here are a few locations for getting useful software. This site is maintained by Professor Michael Lee. It was last updated, October 8, 1999. Send problems or comments to Professor Lee.

And, lest you leave disappointed, we have to give you our Copyright Notice:
The information presented here is for the use of students in the classes taught by Emmons, Barrick and Lee. Some of the material presented here may be copyrighted by John Wiley and Sons as part of the textbook for the course. Textbook material and various examples of relevant material gathered from other sources, including the Web, is used here under the doctrine of fair use and copyrights are retained by the original authors. This is an educational site for a specific credit course at Kent State University and not a public offering. Students taking the Seven Ideas Course are granted a Right to Use the material by Emmons, Barrick and Lee for their personal use. Copying or reposting for public or other uses requires permission. Rights to all original material are retained by Emmons, Lee and Barrick.