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Course Information and Description
Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe
as taught by Tom Emmons, John Barrick and Michael Lee

Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe (Physics 11030) is an introductory science course designed to meet the general science requirement (Basic Sciences LER) for most students at Kent State University. It is a course which serves as a foundation for other scientific courses because it is the study of the rules which govern our physical universe.

Students attend three 50 minute or two 75 minute lectures each week for 15 weeks. At the end of the first five weeks, Exam I is administered with 33 multiple choice questions. At the end of the 10th week, another 33-question exam is given and the comprehensive final exam at the end of the course has 34 questions. This gives a total of 100 questions. The grade is determined solely by these exams using the following 10% scale:

Total questions correct out of all three exams Course Grade
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
Basic Grading Scale for Seven Ideas Course

Based on over 20,000 students, who took this course between 1981 and 1998, the average grade was 74 (C).

In order for students to check their progress, they are strongly encouraged to answer the questions in the Seven Ideas Workbook before answers are given in class. To further help the student, sample exam questions are included at the end of the Supplementary Notes. Answers to the self-evaluation questions in the Workbook are also provided at this web site and are located here. Additional interactive sample exams are located here.

The lectures have been recorded on audio cassettes. If a student misses a class and is interested in borrowing one of these cassettes, arrangements can be made with his or her instructor.

Because of the large number of students taking this course, we are able to provide additional help sessions arranged each semester. The schedule for these can be obtain from the instructor. In addition, students with special needs can obtain additional assistance through Student Disability Services.

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