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11030 Practice EXAM II

Exam II covers the third and fourth ideas of the Seven Ideas course.

Choose the answer you think is best for each question and then use the pull down menu below the question to check your answer.

  1. The pressure exerted by the air on a person standing at sea level is about:
  2. A. 5 pounds per square inch

    B. 10 pounds per square inch

    C. 15 pounds per square inch

    D. 20 pounds per square inch

  3. An object weighs 36 pounds when under water. As the object was submerged, 20 pounds of water was displaced and rose up the side of the container. How much would the object weigh if it were taken out of the water?
  4. A. 52 pounds

    B. 56 pounds minus the weight of the displaced water

    C. 56 pounds

    D. 16 pounds

  5. The "crushed state" of matter has never been produced on Earth.
  6. A. true

    B. false

  7. Today there is a great deal of excitement among scientists because:
  8. A. Materials can be turned into super conductors at temperatures far

    above absolute zero,

    B. Absolute zero has been reached.

    C. A new way to transfer heat has been discovered,

    D. Materials with very high specific heat have been discovered.

  9. The demonstration with the bi-metal strip showed:
  10. A. energy is always conserved

    B. Newton's first law

    C. a thermocouple can be used to generate electricity

    D. different materials expand different amounts when heated

  11. When you walk out of a shower and step onto a wood floor and then a soft carpet, the carpet feels warmer because:
  12. A. The carpet conducts the heat slowly from your feet,

    B. The carpet has a higher temperature than the floor.

    C. The carpet has a higher specific heat than the floor,

    D. The carpet contains more heat than the floor.

  13. The fact heat moves out of hot coffee and into the cooler air is a result of:
  14. A. the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

    B. sublimation.

    C. mechanical equivalent of heat.

    D. Archimedes' principle.

  15. If air is blown past the left side of a hanging piece of plastic:
  16. A. the air pressure will be greater on the right side of the plastic

    causing the plastic to move to the left.

    B. the air pressure will be greater on the left side of the plastic

    causing the plastic to move to the right.

    C. the air pressure will be the same on both sides.

  17. Referring to the demonstration with the penny on the coat hanger:
  18. A. Centrifugal "force" held the penny on the hanger.

    B. Angular momentum caused the penny to fall off the hanger.

    C. Kinetic energy was converted to chemical potential energy.

    D. The penny behaved as though it were at absolute zero.

  19. If the moon suddenly moved farther away from the Earth, Angular momentum would:
  20. A. cause the moon to move slower as it revolves around the Earth.

    B. cause the moon to move faster as it revolves around the Earth.

    C. the moon would not change its speed.

  21. Which has the most power?
  22. A. A person who does 300 joules of work in 4 seconds.

    B. A person who does 400 joules of work in 5 seconds.

    C. A person who does 50 joules of work in 1 second.

    D. A person who does 1000 joules of work in 10 seconds.

  23. If a satellite is launched straight up with a speed of 10,000 miles/hour, the satellite will:
  24. A. fall back to Earth

    B. fly off into space leaving the Earth forever

    C. orbit the Earth

  25. Denver is about 5000 feet above sea level, In Denver pure water will boil at:
  26. A. 100 degrees Celsius.

    B. more than 100 degrees Celsius.

    C. less than 100 degrees Celsius.

  27. "Dry ice" or frozen carbon dioxide is used to demonstrate:
  28. A. condensation.

    B. evaporation.

    C. sublimation.

  29. Which has the greatest amount of heat?
  30. A. BTU

    B. large calorie

    C. small calorie

  31. Centrifugal force is really a false force, It is only a reaction which occurs when a real force pushes an object around a curve.
  32. A. True

    B. False

  33. A car is rated at 100 horsepower, This means:
  34. A. The car can do 100 foot pounds of work every second.

    B. The car can push on an object with 74600 Newton’s of force and move

    the object one meter in one second.

    C. The car can do 100 joules of work in one second.

    D. The car can do 746 foot pounds of work in one second.

  35. A net force can only cause an object to move either faster or slower,
  36. A. true

    B. false

  37. Which is not a form of energy?
  38. A. A moving car

    B. stretched rubber band

    C. water on top of a waterfalls

    D. a can of gasoline

    E. All of the above are forms of energy

  39. A net force of 10 pounds is applied to a 2-slug object for 4 seconds. How far will the object move during the 4 seconds if the object is not moving before the force is applied?
  40. A. 80 feet

    B. 20 feet

    C. 40 feet

    D. 5 feet

    E. 10 feet

  41. Which has more heat?
  42. A. A burning log in a fireplace (normal size log)

    B. A hot cup of coffee

  43. The principle behind the airplane is:
  44. A. 2nd law of thermodynamics.

    B. sublimation.

    C. the mechanical equivalent of heat.

    D. Bernoulli's theorem.

    E. none of the above.

  45. Heat can move through a vacuum by:
  46. A. radiation.

    B. radiation and conduction.

    C. conduction.

    D. convection and conduction.

    E. conduction, convection, and radiation.

  47. At which of the following temperatures will an ice cube be smallest?
  48. A. 32 degrees Fahrenheit

    B. 20 degrees Fahrenheit

    C. the ice cube will be the same size at both the above temperatures

  49. Given enough energy, an object could be cooled -1000 degrees Fahrenheit,
  50. A. True

    B. False

  51. A net force of 8 pounds is applied to an object. The object accelerates 10 feet/second squared, What is the mass of the object?
  52. A. .8 slugs

    B. 1.25 slugs

    C. 2 slugs

    D. 18 slugs

    E. 80 slugs

  53. Which has the least amount of energy?
  54. A. an erg

    B. a joule

    C. a foot pound

  55. How many joules of work must one do to burn off 4 food calories?
  56. A. 4

    B. 16,740

    C. 4,OOO

    D. 12,810

  57. A device which changes color with a small change in temperature is:
  58. A. thermocouple

    B. Kelvin thermometer

    C. plasma phase of matter

    D. liquid crystal

    E. super conductor

  59. The fastest way to transfer heat is by:
  60. A. conduction

    B. convection

    C. radiation

  61. A moving bicycle is prevented from falling over by:
  62. A. centrifugal force

    B. angular momentum

    C. conservation of energy

    D. increase in entropy

  63. When a car changes its velocity from 4 miles per hour to 64 miles per hour:
  64. A. The car can do 4 times as much damage if it hits something.

    B. The car can do 16 times as much damage if it hits something.

    C. The car can do 256 times as much damage if it hits something.

    D. The car can do 1600 times as much damage if it hits something.

  65. It is possible for an ant to have just as much power as an elephant,
  66. A. True

    B. False

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