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11030 Practice EXAM III (Final)

Exam III covers the fifth, sixth and seventh ideas of the Seven Ideas course.

Choose the answer you think is best for each question and then use the menu below the question to check your answer.

  1. In a true wave the medium only vibrates it does not move along with the wave,
  2. A. true

    B. false

  3. At one time scientists suggested space is filled with an invisible and massless "jelly' which could be vibrated by electro-magnetic waves. This "jelly" was called:
  4. A. shock wave

    B. resonant wave

    C. ultrasonic wave

    D. ether

  5. Soldiers marching in step could be used to describe:
  6. A. fluorescent effect

    B. Doppler Effect

    C. photo-electric effect

    D. coherent light

    E. incoherent light

  7. Electro-magnetic waves are:
  8. A. transverse waves

    B. longitude waves

  9. Most scientists believe that nothing is really vibrated when an electro-magnetic wave travels through empty space. Instead they believe the wave is varying magnetic and electric force fields. The scientist who introduced this idea was:
  10. A. Kepler

    B. Newton

    C. Planck

    D. Maxwell

    E. Einstein

  11. The sonic boom is a shock wave in air produced by an object moving faster than air waves can travel.
  12. A. true

    B. false

  13. Which of the following contains the most energy?
  14. A. a photon in an X ray

    B. a photon in a red light wave

    C. a photon in a radio wave

    D. a photon in a microwave

    E. they all have the same amount of energy

  15. If an electro-magnetic wave has a frequency of 400 trillion hertz it would be:
  16. A. radio wave

    B. red light

    C. green light

    D. X ray

    E. none of the above

  17. As seen here in Kent:
  18. A. all stars rise and set

    B. some stars rise and set and others are always in the sky

    C. only the stars close to the North Star rise and set

    D. only during the winter months do all the stars rise and set

  19. The unit of space based on one ten-millionth the distance from the North Pole to the equator of the Earth is:
  20. A. inch

    B. foot

    C. meter

    D. yard

    E. mile

  21. The Earth's mantle is made mostly of:
  22. A. light rocks

    B. heavy rocks

    C. metals

  23. What is reflected when white light is projected onto a white piece of paper?
  24. A. nothing is reflected

    B. all colors of the rainbow

    C. only violet

    D. only red

    E. all colors but red

  25. If a train is approaching you and it blows its horn, the Doppler Effect would cause the horn to:
  26. A. sound louder

    B. sound fainter

    C. sound higher in pitch

    D. sound lower in pitch

  27. When an electro-magnetic wave passes from water to thin air it is:
  28. A. refracted toward the normal

    B. refracted away from the normal

  29. The glasses worn by observers of present day 3D movies use the principle of:
  30. A. fluorescence

    B. refraction

    C. polarization

    D. interference

  31. If X-rays shine on a red fluorescent piece of paper, the paper will send back:
  32. A. orange light

    B. green light

    C. red light

    D. no light

    E. white light

  33. Which of the following types of electro-magnetic waves would be bent the least if they were passed through glass? Assume the wave strikes the glass at some angle other than 90 degrees,
  34. A. red light

    B. violet light

    C. microwave

    D. they would all bend the same amount

  35. The acceleration of 15 feet/minute squared means:
  36. A. for every minute that goes by, the object moves another 15 feet

    B. for every minute that goes by, the object moves with a speed of 15 feet per minute

    C. for every minute that goes by, the object gains 15 feet per minute in its velocity

    D. for every minute squared, the object moves 15 feet

  37. Which has the fastest moving atoms?
  38. A. the Atlantic Ocean

    B. A hot cup of coffee

    C. both have atoms moving the same speed

    D. can't tell

  39. A good way to verify that a physics problem is being solved correctly is to make sure that:
  40. A. all the units cancel out, leaving just the numbers

    B. any units that are left must agree with what you were solving for

    C. all units must be in the numerator

    D. all units must be either units of time or distance

  41. A net force of 10 pounds is applied to a 2 slug object for 4 seconds. How. far will the object move during the 4 seconds if the object is not moving before the force is applied?
  42. A. 80 feet

    B. 20 feet

    C. 40 feet

    D. 5 feet

    E. 10 feet

  43. Zero degrees Kelvin is:
  44. A. the temperature where the motion of all atoms ceases to exist

    B. the temperature of freezing water

    C. the temperature of boiling water at sea level

    D. none of the above

  45. Heat flow by radiation can be greatly reduced by:
  46. A. using a vacuum

    B. use of reflecting materials

    C. cannot be reduced

  47. The electron energy shell closest to the nucleus is:
  48. A. A shell

    B. M shell

    C. K shell

    D. N shell

  49. Which of the following proved the energy found in a photon is quantized?
  50. A. photo-electric effect

    B. interference of light waves

    C. the ultra-violet catastrophe

    D. De Broglie waves

  51. Which of the following would be used for nuclear fission?
  52. A. hydrogen

    B. oxygen

    C. uranium

    D. mixture of neon and helium

  53. According to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which of the following light waves would be best for viewing small objects?
  54. A. violet light

    B. green light

    C. red light

  55. The operation of a transistor can only be explained by:
  56. A. De Broglie waves

    B. theory of relativity

    C. twin paradox

    D. nuclear fusion

  57. The experiment that first suggested that the size of objects change when they are observed to be moving:
  58. A. De Broglie experiment

    B. Michelson Morley experiment

    C. Heisenberg experiment

    D. Ultraviolet catastrophe

  59. When a laser beam or a radio wave has its height changed so as to carry information, the process is called:
  60. A. Doppler Effect

    B. Maxwell's Effect

    C. Amplitude Modulation (AM)

    D. Frequency Modulation (FM)

  61. In the whole universe the most often used method for producing electro-magnetic waves is:
  62. A. heating an object

    B. chemical reaction

    C. nuclear reaction

    D. passing electricity through a gas

  63. Which of the following would become the hottest due to the absorption of light when blue light shines on them?
  64. A. blue paper

    B. red paper

    C. white paper

  65. The process of delayed reflection is called:
  66. A. phosphorescence

    B. Doppler Effect

    C. transmission

    D. diffraction

  67. If a yellow star is rushing away from the Earth, the star will:
  68. A. change color to higher frequency

    B. become brighter

    C. stay the same color but will appear fainter

    D. change color to both higher and lower frequencies

    E. change color to lower frequency

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