Mechanics  II
PHY 35102                                    Spring 2001

INSTRUCTOR:  E.K. Mann (Office: SMH322) 
E-MAIL & PHONE:   (330)672-9750
CLASS HOURS:   MWF 12:05-12:55 SMH208
OFFICE HOURS:   MWF 10:15-11:30 or by appointment



"Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems" Marian & Thornton (1988, 4th ed.)

GRADES:    Your course grade will be weighted as follows:

Homework  30% 
Pre-assignments and in-class discussion 10% 
Midterm Exam I 20% 
Midterm Exam II 20% 
Final 20% 


Homework will be assigned approximately once a week, and must be handed in when due; normally, late work will not be accepted. Several times during the year, homework will be assigned to groups of two or three. However, each student should turn in a separate report, which should not be identical to any other: at least use your own words, even if you are modest and think someone else said it better.

Pre-assignments (click on the link above) must be completed by 9 am of the day of class. They are required, but will be graded on effort, not on any "right answer": there may be none, and a wrong answer may be worthwhile.

Mid-terms will be given at the beginning of October and the beginning of November. The exact date will be announced at least one week before the exam.

The final will be given at the assigned time and will be comprehensive.

Last updated: January 15, 2001